What is Netwerk all about?

Netwerk is about creating strong communities. Having a strong community means that there is room for diversity and that no one feels left out. If that can be achieved, loneliness among youth can be prevented, and that is important. Far too many youth feel different and left out – they must be brought into the community.

At the same time, a good community creates a very good framework for that for which one goes to school – namely, to learn something.

When your school is a part of Netwerk, it is because it prioritizes the social well-being of its students highly.

On a practical level, some of the school’s teachers have taken courses and received access to Netwerk’s teaching materials. The teaching material will make you more knowledgeable about loneliness among young people and should contribute to support your sense of community.

The teachers are concerned with your social well-being and would very much like to support you in creating good communities, but ultimately, it is you as the students who must do the work. They are your communities.

Think of your classmates as colleagues. You do not need to become best friends, but if you give each other room to be different – and use your differences when you work together – you have the opportunity to achieve good results. And as the quotes underneath show, these are also skills you can use in your work lives after school.

“I emphasize that each individual employee’s performance is of great significance to the company, but it cannot stand alone. Most tasks are solved by employees working together and contributing different skills to reach common solutions.” (Group Managing Director Bente Overgaard from Nykredit)

The school’s administration and the teachers can create the framework for a good school, but the students are the school. It is up to you to create the good class and school that you want.

“The good community arises where a diverse staff of employees works toward a common goal. It creates opportunity for innovative thinking, mutual inspiration, and engagement, and is the basis for reaching great results.” (Group Managing Director Bente Overgaard from Nykredit)

Netwerk is a collaboration between Ventilen and the Mary Foundation (Mary Fonden), both of which work to combat social isolation.

Important elements in Netwerk are

  • Community-building activities
  • Social languish
  • Loneliness
  • I am worried about a friend
  • I am not thriving

Netwerk consists of the following elements:

  • Partnerships and partnership groups – work communities where one also keeps an eye on each other’s social well-being.
  • A series of lessons – which contribute with knowledge about loneliness and social languish, or the failure to thrive, for the more one knows, the quicker the signals can be recognized, and from there, it is a shorter road to finding help. The lessons also focus on classroom culture and include exercises, where we discuss what we want the class culture to be like.
  • Community-building activities – which contribute with knowledge about the community’s significance, as well as concrete suggestions to how, through activities, we can create a breeding ground for strong communities.