Social languish

Social languish is something that all young people can relate to. There is a chance that you yourself, or someone in your class, at some point will fail to thrive socially – for a short while or during a longer period.

What is social Languish?

Social languish is when one does not thrive together with others. It could be that one feels left out, wrong, different, misunderstood, etc. Social languish can develop into loneliness. Read more about loneliness here (link).

One thing that can determine how long one is not doing well is – quite obviously – when one chooses to seek help. Far too many young people are alone with their problems because they think they are embarrassing to talk about, or because they think no one can understand or help them.

The vast majority of us experience every now and then that things are not going quite right. It is completely natural to encounter problems in your life. It is only when the problems continue over a longer period of time, or when they grow larger, that it is important to seek help.

When it is a physical problem, we know how to take action. When we have a cough, most of the time it goes away on its own after a short while, and we do not need to do much more than drink a cup of tea and relax. If the cough continues for longer, or if it develops into something more, we seek the help of a doctor.

We are not typically as good when there is a mental disturbance. We are not necessarily as good at evaluating when something is a normal problem related to being young, or when it is decided languish that should be acted upon.

And one must act on social languish, for if it sticks around more permanently, it can have serious consequences – both mentally and physically.

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